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As part of the broader effective altruism communityEffective Altruism University of Hong Kong (EAHKU) is one of the university chapters in Hong Kong. EAHKU was founded by HKU students in 2016 upon the ideas during their exchange abroad at Harvard University. In the same year, the core team ran an EAGxHK conference, the first EAGx in Asia. 

Over time, the EA community in Hong Kong has grown larger with a mix of university students and working professionals. In 2022, EAHKU spun off from EAHK as an independent student society, catered to the HKU community - and we're excited for you to join us!

All activities of EA HKU are directed toward the purpose of:

  1. increasing epistemic on the core ideas of effective altruism,

  2. explore and guide students towards local and international charities working on social improvement and increase awareness of donating effectively

  3. helping students to identify how their career choices could be geared towards contributing towards the betterment of humanity.

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